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A godlike experience.

Like no other earthly feeling.

Zeus is Loose Hostel is definitely the coolest place you will stay at, this season. Overlooking an UNESCO World Heritage Site, right in the heart of the hustling and bustling city of Thessaloniki, with an amazing view of one of the most emblematic squares in the city, it is your next great stay. Mingle with the locals, experience Thessaloniki's youthful vibe, and enjoy the hospitality of Zeus is Loose Hostel, which we promise you, will hold a special place in your heart!


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Thank gods, they have vacation too.Yeah!

Mythology meets hospitality in Thessaloniki.

Sporting a 2-meters tall neon lighting on its building, Zeus is Loose Hostel will have you feeling divine! Grab the chance to fully merge into Greek culture, from the ancient to the modern. You have the opportunity to experience Thessaloniki like you never have before, like a true local! Anything you want to see, do, hear, feel, or eat we bring right at your feet at Zeus is Loose hostel. Go full native, and become your own legend in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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  • Comfy rooms and loose atmosphere.
  • Located in the heart of Thessaloniki.
  • Close to the heart of mt. Olympus.
  • Easy access to Halkidiki and its gorgeous beaches.
  • Modern and playful common room.
  • Free walking tours and events.
  • The only roof top bar in town with amazing view of the city.

These rooms were made for gods.Thoughtful?

More than just shared bunks.

You get to sleep in 6bed or 4bed dorms, as well as twin or double bedrooms. All rooms have their own ensuite bathrooms, but there is also an independent bathroom on each floor for anyone who likes to sing in the shower.

The Nectar Distillery


0830 – 0130


+30 2311 118 713

A rooftop bar like no other. With blessings.Cheers!

Welcome to the best part of the hostel, nay, the city! With a breathtaking view of the most bustling neighborhood and the chance to taste our unique signature cocktails, you will love hanging out at our cafe bar. And what’s more, you can get friendly with the locals while enjoying (did we mention already?) the breathtaking view of the city. Grab a cup of coffee when for your midday caffeine boost, or sway to the rhythms of guest DJs during the night. Get in a loose state of mind and catch some sun on the balcony or enjoy Thessaloniki’s magnificent sunsets all while marveling at (yes, you guessed it!) the breathtaking view of the city. 

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Take a walk into the wild.

Either urban or in nature, we have a trip for anyone.Discover all!

For all you explorers visiting our city, you are godly blessed because we have a number of great tours and activities to help you learn about Thessaloniki. Greece is a place that has to offer pretty much everything when it comes to experiences. From trekking mountaintops to trailing rivers, from exploring canyons to surfing summer waves, from sailing the seas to visiting ancient grounds, Greece has it all. Contact us for more info or come anytime at the reception to learn about the experiences you wanna have and book the memories you wanna make!

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zeus suggested

Visit Unique Meteora

Visit Unique Meteora


Grandiose rocks, floating monasteries and beautiful paths that have to be marveled at. Meteora is one of the most unique landscapes you will ever get the chance to see.

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Rent a bike!

Rent a bike!

5hrs or full day

Discover downtown Thessaloniki and dare to go further beyond! By the seaside, through the woods, there’s a trail for everyone!

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Forest of Seich Sou

Forest of Seich Sou


Only 30 minutes away, you can enjoy a full day of hiking through the forest of Seich Sou, and chill with a tasty picnic lunch!


Let’s get social.

Who said that Aphrodite wasn’t an influencer?

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