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Either urban or in nature, we have a trip for anyone.Discover all!

For all you explorers visiting our city, you are godly blessed because we have a number of great tours and activities to help you learn about Thessaloniki. Greece is a place that has to offer pretty much everything when it comes to experiences. From trekking mountaintops to trailing rivers, from exploring canyons to surfing summer waves, from sailing the seas to visiting ancient grounds, Greece has it all. Contact us for more info or come anytime at the reception to learn about the experiences you wanna have and book the memories you wanna make!

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Biking the highlights

Biking the highlights


Welcome to Thessaloniki, the unexplored city of Northern Greece! The city has a lot to offer, including marvelous squares, authentic market places, a fascinating history and delicious food.


Olympus – Mythical Enipeas

Olympus – Mythical Enipeas


Visit the National Park Information Center. There you will have the chance to experience this wonderful mountain through a nice walk from 0 meters to 2918meters.


Kerkini Lake Eco-tourism

Kerkini Lake Eco-tourism

8 hrs

Kerkini Lake is the ideal destination for nature lovers! It is one of the 10 most extraordinary wetlands in Greece and a great place for bird-watching.


Tours around the city of Thessaloniki.

Wondering what the gods are doing in their spare time?Follow Hermes!

Short getaways outside Thessaloniki’s limits.

Wondering what the gods are doing in their spare time?The choice of Artemis

There are plenty of temptations, all year round.

Zeus knows it very very well.Now you do too.

This is your chance to fully emerge in Greek culture, from the ancient to the modern. We offer you the opportunity to experience Greece like you never have before, like a true local! Anything you want to see, do, hear, feel, or eat we bring right at your feet. We hook you up with events, happenings, concerts, day-trips, lessons, tours, tastings, suggestions, reservations, and any advice you may want. Go full native now, and become your own legend here in Thessaloniki, Greece.

SUMMER (June to August)

– Naked Bike Ride
– Gay Pride Festival
– Taratsa International Film Festival
– Urban Pic-Nic Festival

SPRING (March to May)

– TedX Thessaloniki
– In-Edit Music Documentary Festival
– Street Food Festival
– International Book Festival
– Documentary Film Festival
– Cult Battles Dance Festival
– Comic Con Thessaloniki
– Thessaloniki Dance Festival
– The Great Alexander Marathon

FALL (September to November)

– Greenwave Festival
– Moni Lazariston Festival
– Demetria
– Kapani Project
– Thessaloniki Tattoo convention
– Cretan Flavors
– Thessaloniki Night Marathon
– Thessaloniki International Film Festival
– Piano festival
– Open House
– Contemporary Art
– Day of Colors
– Street Mode Music Festival
– Mysticon Thessaloniki Festival
– Voroina Wine Festival

WINTER (December to February)

– Wine tasting Helexpo
– Battle of the Best Dance Off – AUTH
– Thessaloniki Christmas Market
– Christmas Concerts